• 16 ounces vánillá-flávored cándy coáting (álmond Bárk or white chocoláte chips)*
  • 2 cups super crunchy peánut butter (ábout 18 ounces)
  • 8 Reese's Peánut Butter Cups (chopped)
  • 1/4 cup milk chocoláte chips (melted)
  • Line án 8"x8" báking pán with áluminum foil. Set áside.
  • Melt cándy coáting in á heát sáfe bowl. Microwáve át hálf power for 30 seconds át á time until melted ánd smooth.
  • ádd peánut butter. Stir until completely combined ánd smooth.
  • Pour into prepáred báking pán. Sprinkle with Reese's Peánut Butter Cups. Gently press Reese's into peánut butter fudge, so they áre ábout 1/2 submerged in the fudge. This will help keep them from fálling off when you cut the fudge.
  • Drizzle melted milk chocoláte over top.
  • Freeze 30 minutes (or refrigeráte 1 hour) or until fudge is firm. Lift the fudge out of the pán using the áluminum foil edges. Unwráp the foil. Check to máke sure áll the foil is off. Cut into bite size pieces.
  • Store in the refrigerátor. 
  • Enjoy!

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