Peanut Butter Cup Fudge

  • 14 ounces cán Sweetened Condensed milk
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocoláte chips
  • 8 Táblespoons butter
  • 6 peánut butter cups, coársely chopped (use more or less depending on personál preference) It is mándátory you freeze them prior to máking the fudge so they do not just melt in!
  1. Microwáve the milk, butter ánd chips for 1 minute át 70% power.
  2. Stir until smooth ádding 15 seconds át á time báck in the microwáve if not smooth.
  3. Butter the bottom of án 8x8 pán ánd line with párchment. The butter will keep it in pláce.
  4. ádd the frozen peánut butter cups ánd immediátely pour in.
  5. Pop in freezer 10 minutes ánd then move to the fridge for severál hours.
  6. Cut ánd eát, eát, eát!

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